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The Longest Uninterrupted White Sandy Beach

Struisbaai boasts the longest beach in South Africa! This means that there is plenty of space to spread out a big towel on the beach and get some serious suntanning done.
But if you aren’t one to lie around all day then bring your big boy toys and have some fun. The ocean conditions in the bay are perfect for water-sports and jet skis, sailing, and fishing.
When the wind blows the cross-onshore conditions make the baland-yacht-struisbaaiy a perfect venue for kitesurfing or land yachting. Between the beach and the ocean the only limit to the fun is your imagination and your toys.

The New and Improved Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

agulhas-lighthouseThe Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is situated at Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. It was the third lighthouse to be built in South Africa, and the second-oldest still operating, after Green Point.
Built in 1847 by the government of the Cape Colony and was originally fuelled by the tail-fat of sheep, but in 1905 an oil-burning lantern was installed. In March 1910 the lens was replaced with a first-order Fresnel lens. In 1929 the oil burner was replaced by a petroleum vapour burner, which was in turn replaced in 1936 by a four-kilowatt electric lamp powered by a diesel generator.

In 1968 the lighthouse was taken out of service due to excessive weathering. The building was declared a national monument in 1973 and is also a Western Cape provincial heritage site. The lighthouse has recently undergone restoration and is a majestic sight at the tip of South Africa.

source Wikipedia

Struisbaai has a Harbour Mascot

Parrie The StingrayStruisbaai harbour is home to a well known couple of Stingrays. Parrie the larger one is a long time resident, and has even travelled to Cape Town for a visit to the Aquarium. Parrie can often be seen around the slipway, waiting for morsels from returning fisherman.
Parrie is an excellent mascot for our beautifull harbour. This page has a simple goal, which is to ensure that Parrie is protected, and Struisbaai Harbour is maintained as a key tourist attraction to our town.

source Parrie The Stingray

Shipwreck Shoreline

meishu-maru-38-shipwrekJust along the coastline is the notorious Cape Agulhas – the Southernmost Point of South Africa. This stretch of coastline has seen over 250 vessels loose their way and being wrecked on the jagged rocks. A strange magnetic anomaly occurs here where compasses point true North rather than magnetic North. This leads to confusion and very real danger for ships when the visibility is poor. There are only 2 other places on earth where this phenomenon happens – The Bermuda Triangle and The Devil’s Sea off the coast of Japan.

Struisbaai is for the family

struisbaai-harbourStruisbaai is ideally suited for the whole family. Mermaid Guest House is just a short walk to the nearest beach. As the name suggests Struisbaai is in a beautiful natural harbour where the ocean floor gradually slopes away creating gentle waves for the kids to enjoy. The main beach is the longest, uninterrupted white sandy beach in the Southern Hemisphere.

A boardwalk connects the main beach to the harbour beach. This beach is otherwise known as ‘seekoei gat’ by the locals and is protected from the waves by a boulder breakwater and the harbour wall. The water is as clear and as calm as a lagoon, at low tide bathers can ‘walk’ out to the little fishing boats without getting their hair wet. This beach is popular, especially with young families where the kids can swim in safety.

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